Project Ecuador

Our mission is to provide underprivileged children and their families with economic and educational resources vital to the development of impoverished communities in Ecuador.


Seven homes have been built for underprivileged families who were chosen by their communities. The homes include 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom and a septic system..


26 bathrooms have been built for families who do not have access to bathroom facilities. The bathrooms include tiled floors, electric showers, a sink, a toilet and a septic system

Computer Centers

Since 2004, we have set up computer centers in Ecuador in the communities of Inguincho, Cuichocha, Salinas, Caldera, Naranjito and Lentag, Azuay. These computer centers serve over 1000 students.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts are distributed to various schools with a total of over 1,000 students receiving a small toy and a gift bag of candy and cookies. We also provide families with food baskets that include, rice, sugar, oatmeal, lentils, oil and pasta.

Scholarship Program

Ecuador's children come from families with very limited resources. Parents are mostly farmers or day laborers and make an average of $150-$200 dollars a month (Note: the currency in Ecuador is the U.S. Dollar). These salaries hardly cover food expenses. Due to significantly low incomes and the increasing cost of living, parents cannot afford to send their children to schools and many times recruit them to work in the farms before they finish the 6th grade. As a result, children are deprived of the education they deserve.

The Ecuadorian government provides free education up to 7th grade, and so they generally stop attending school at this point. Children join the workforce in order to help their parents with however little money they can earn.

Project Ecuador provides assistance by covering school expenses and providing educational materials for students who demonstrate academic excellence and commitment. Students are chosen with the help of our Project Coordinators in Ecuador and the selected school officials. Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain high academic standing with a grade average of 18 out of 20 or above (90%) in order to continue to receive aid.

We are currently sponsoring 11 students in various communities in Ecuador. 100% of Scholarship donations go directly to providing uniforms, shoes, school supplies, books, and registration fees for each student.

CORE Project

Communities Organized to Rebuild and Empower (CORE) Project began in 2010. In many of the communities we serve, children and their families live in great poverty and in unsafe conditions. It became evident that providing these families with stable housing would affirm their commitment to their children's educational goals. Community leaders assist PE members in selecting the most deserving families who will receive new homes. Computer Centers

Strength, Hope and Opportunity

Since 2004, we have set up four computer centers in Ecuador in the communities of Tanguarin, Inguincho, Cuichocha, Salinas and Caldera, Valle del Chota.

The centers offer basic introductory computer classes and typing, and have become part of all the school's curriculum. Tanguarin, Ibarra. The center serves approximately 110 students from the Francisco Calderon School and was set up in 2004 as the first SHO.NET. Marco Aurelio Subia School, in Inguincho, Otavalo. There are 136 students in the school, all which are utilizing the computer center. Cuichocha, Ecuador. Serving 45 students who attend school in the community. Salinas, Ecuador. The center, equipped with eight computers was set up in the local high school. Caldera, Valle del chota. Five workstations were donated to the local school and serve 180 students.

Although work and funds are still needed to improve the computer centers, our main goal is being accomplished: to introduce and provide the students with this valuable educational tool.

Holiday Giving

The holiday season is extremely difficult for those who can barely afford to feed their families. PE believes that no child should be forgotten, especially during the holidays. PE collaborates with local schools in order to deliver bags of candy, cookies and toys to hundreds of children every year.

Families receive food baskets made up of rice, sugar, oatmeal, lentils, oil and pasta.

Who We Are

We are a group of young professionals, who saw the need and poverty of families throughout Ecuador. Our journey began back in 2004, as we built our first computer center SHO.NET in Tanguarin, Ibarra. Since 2004, we have built one school, 7 homes, 26 bathrooms, 6 computer centers, awarded 11 academic scholarships and rebuilt 2 schools along with their playgrounds.
As we continued traveling through the neighboring communities, we soon realized that our goals needed to include economic support for the struggling families. Project Ecuador is 100% volunteer operated, and as such, we focus on self-reliance and work to recruit neighboring communities to assist with the building projects.
U.S. Board of Directors
Edison Venegas, President and Founder
Jose Ortiz
Maria Rivadeneira
Andrea Beltran Ruggiero
Cristina Sanjuas Dopazo
Lucia Venegas
Osmer Yepez

Ecuador Leadership
Diego David Rosero, Project Coordinator
Susana Rivera, Project Coordinator
The Road Less Traveled Inc. is a non profit corporation formed in the State of New Jersey on August 22, 2006. Our organization was established by the Gratt family in honor of Samantha Dawn Gratt, who passed away from lymphoma in August 2006 at the age of 31. With the creation of Project Ecuador in 2007, The Road Less Traveled works to provide resources that enable indigenous communities to break free from the grip of poverty. Our projects are focused primarily on education and economic development. The Road Less traveled operates strictly on a volunteer basis and 100% of our donations are utilized for the funding of our projects.

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